Wedding Photography in Torrington Ct.

From destination weddings to local venues, Della Bella Photography is Torrington’s premier wedding photographer.

Della Bella’s use of light to capture the moment invokes feelings of love, happiness and passion.  Contact us for pricing, special offers, engagement portraits and discounted rates. Our phone / facetime consultations are free and we will work around your schedule to discuss the details of your wedding day.

Torrington Ct. Wedding Photography concentrates on providing an enjoyable photographic experience that ensures you will have your wedding day captured with a collection of photographs to enjoy for a lifetime.  Della Bella’s style is relaxed and unobtrusive, meaning on your wedding day you are totally at ease and confident that you will have the photos you love.  This candid approach to your wedding day tells the story of your day by capturing details, modern formal photography, and spontaneous moments.

Every package is negotiable depending on the client’s needs.

Photography has been a passion for Della Bella since his first camera at the age of fourteen. The idea of capturing a single moment in time, that decisive moment, has always intrigued Della Bella. Creative wedding photography allows one to explore all avenues of one’s existence by visually interpreting people, places, and things. It allows one to travel in search of more interesting light, landscape, seascape, people, projects and all aspects of the world around us. He uses these ideas and incorporates this philosophy in capturing a moment in time and that is your wedding day.

Get Familiar with the Timeline

One of the essential aspects of wedding dance photography is understanding the timeline. If you are familiar with the timeline, not only will you not miss out on any of the important dances, but you will most likely be able to manage your time better too. Moreover, make sure that the timeline you refer to is updated and in line with the one that the coordinator and the DJ or the band are using.

You could also try getting familiar with the duration of the dances. Coordinate with the bride and groom or the event coordinator to get a clear idea about it so that you have the time to take enough photographs of each dance. Talk to them about whether any of the dances are choreographed or if there are any special moments such as a jump shot or a twirl that you should look out for. The bottom line is that an updated timeline will help you put all the moving pieces together in an organized manner.

As a wedding photographer, circling around the dance floor from a safe distance can get you a few good shots. However, the real magic happens when you get up close and place yourself in the middle of the dance floor. Sometimes, this can help you photograph some really lovely or amusing moments that you would have otherwise missed. Remember that the bridal party and guests are aware that you are there to photograph them and mostly appreciate being photographed. Who knows, they might even end up performing a really cool dance move just for the camera!

Hopkins Inn wedding Photography bridesmaid twirlingFun wedding portraits at Cascade in Hamden, CT.Woodbury, CT. Wedding Photographer

Shoot & Burn Package / 8 Hours of Coverage

My “Shoot & Burn Package” is $2,400.00 and here’s what’s included:

  • Full coverage of your day, 8 hours from getting ready to the end of the reception.
  • 30 hours of post-production work that includes a detailed edit on all of your images and Lightroom on every image.
  • PhotoShop editing on 35 of your very best images and a sneak peek 48 hrs after wedding on social media if wanted.
  • 1300-1400 high res images (all rights are yours) on a flash drive.
  • Access to your images on ShootProof, your personal Online Gallery where you can download your images to your computer with no watermark.
  • Your family, friends and guests will also be able to view your wedding day photos.
  • 8 Hr. Photo Assistant


  • Overtime is $200.00 per hour
  • My second photographer is $125.00 per hour with a 5 hr. minimum.

For people on a tight budget, we offer alternatives of 5 or 6 hours of shooting.

Please inquire for pricing.

Picasso Package

My “Picasso Package” is $3,200.00.

  • This package includes everything in the Shoot & Burn Package above plus:
  • Lustre Book photo album with 30 pages
  • 45 photoshopped images
  • Cameo Cover
  • Cover Stamping on Glove Leather
  • Silver Halide Photographic Paper
  • Paper Finish / Glossy or Lustre
  • Design Choices
  • Flash drive with all rights to you and all images posted to an online site.

Here is a link to take a look at the albums I produce:

Visit to take a look! This is a high-end leather magazine-style storybook with digitally enhanced photos.

There are so many choices for albums that we also offer custom sizes, colors, cover options, etc.

We can also discuss specific requests for a la carte items or albums that can bring the price down.

Please inquire for pricing.