Historic Tiffany Juliet House Glastonbury, Ct. July Wedding 2017

March 1, 2018


The house was originally built as a single family residence in 1865 by a prominent Welles family. There were several Welles family residences in Glastonbury during the mid-to-late 1800’s including Gideon Welles, United States Secretary of the Navy during President Lincoln and Johnson’s administrations.

As the years proceeded it became an Inn for sailors to reside, while they built ships nearby at the NAP Brothers building on Naubuc Avenue. In the early days of Glastonbury (in the 1600s) – Naubuc Avenue was the original main street in the town, which travels along the river.

The house is located in a National Historic District entitled “Curtisville”. The house is 148 years old, and was quality built. Bill Luby & Corrine Crocker-Luby have acquired the house in October, 2007. They’ve changed the layout of the main floor (to make it more open) and added on a two-story addition to the back of the house to accommodate a nearly 750 square foot open ballroom, which can seat up to 88 people.

Jennifer & Greg had a small intimate wedding with 40 of their closest friend and family, and here are some samples from their wedding day. I want to thank you both for including me at this wonderful wedding, you we’re both such a pleasure to work with. Have a very happy and healthy future together, all the best!!