Photojournalistic CT Wedding Photography | The Gorgeous Candlewood Inn Brookfield, CT | Della Bella Photography

November 3, 2017

Connecticut Wedding Photography:

We would like to thank Louisa & John for including us on your wedding day.

I cannot say enough good things about in Brookfield near Danbury, Ct. The place is so beautiful, the staff is so attentive, absolutely perfect. The food is excellent, the cake was delicious and the appetizers were amazing! I had my own bridal attendant who was great, always had my favorite drink ready and made sure I had anything I wanted or needed. I heard so many good things from the guests who attended as well. Would recommend this place to everyone! Nice people, affordable prices, and an absolutely beautiful place. 🙂  Wedding photos by Della Bella Photography.

Artistic Wedding Photography / Timeless Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography by Della Bella Louisa & John108aWedding Louisa & John110aWedding Louisa & John148aWedding Louisa & John185aWedding Louisa & John208aWedding Louisa & John230aWedding Louisa & John231aWedding Louisa & John244aWedding Louisa & John248aWedding Louisa & John249aWedding Louisa & John252aWedding Louisa & John263aWedding Louisa & John295aWedding Louisa & John302aWedding Louisa & John313aWedding Louisa & John328aWedding Louisa & John338aWedding Louisa & John354aWedding Louisa & John366aWedding Louisa & John368aWedding Louisa & John371aWedding Louisa & John374aWedding Louisa & John389aWedding Louisa & John394aWedding Louisa & John397aWedding Louisa & John410aWedding Louisa & John426aWedding Louisa & John432aWedding Louisa & John448aWedding Louisa & John454aWedding Louisa & John466aWedding Louisa & John480aWedding Louisa & John500aWedding Louisa & John522aWedding Louisa & John562aWedding Louisa & John628aWedding Louisa & John645aWedding Louisa & John658aWedding Louisa & John662aWedding Louisa & John666aWedding Louisa & John676aWedding Louisa & John713aWedding CT Wedding Photography Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Louisa & John733aWedding Louisa & John749aWedding Louisa & John758aWedding