Rustic Wood Acre Farms Terryville, Ct. Wedding Photography by Della Bella Photography

Wood Acre Farms started out as a fruit and poultry farm and later their ancestors trained horses that were used on horse drawn carriages on the island of Bermuda. In 1972, Ken Wood inherited the farm and with his expertise of working with horses his entire life, he began a horse and carriage service. In 1986, Ken and his wife, along with their three children transformed their 250 year old farmhouse, barns, and grounds to host wedding ceremonies and receptions. Ali & Eli chose this venue for its rustic Connecticut charm and country setting. They both had a beautiful September day for their wedding, here are some photographs from their 9/25/2016 wedding.

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Quaint, Intimate Watertown, Ct. Wedding Photography by Della Bella Photography

Danielle & David contacted me in July for their 9/24/2016 wedding, seeing they live in Massachusetts, we communicated with emails, texts and phone appointments to work out the details and timeline. Here is a small sample of images from their wedding day! Thanks so much you two what a classy quaint event, have a very happy future together.

back lit wedding dress

back lit wedding dress

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Beautiful Anthony’s Lake Club Danbury, Ct. Wedding Photography by Della Bella Photography

Anthony’s Lake Club is located in Danbury,Connecticut overlooking beautiful Lake Kenosia. Heather & Tom we’re married on the twin gazebo deck with spectacular views of the lake. Have a very happy future together you two, and thanks so much for including me on your wedding day!! Here is a small sample of photographs from their wedding day on 9/17/2016.

webanthonys-lake-club-4 webanthonys-lake-club-6 webanthonys-lake-club-7 webanthonys-lake-club-31 webanthonys-lake-club-30 webanthonys-lake-club-27 webanthonys-lake-club-25 webanthonys-lake-club-23 webanthonys-lake-club-21 webanthonys-lake-club-20 webanthonys-lake-club-18 webanthonys-lake-club-16 webanthonys-lake-club-15 webanthonys-lake-club-13 webanthonys-lake-club-12 webanthonys-lake-club-11 webanthonys-lake-club-10 webanthonys-lake-club-9 webanthonys-lake-club-8

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