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Your wedding photos can be the most important part of your wedding in Fairfield, Connecticut, or any of the surrounding areas. Long after the music has stopped, the food has been eaten, and the guests have gone home, you will have your wedding photos to remember your event forever. I am a dedicated and professional wedding photographer, who can help preserve your special day with a beautifully designed, custom photo album.

While more and more pictures are shared online, there is something special about looking through the glossy pages of a stunning photo album. The way a wedding dress looks on a page and the sweet compassion in a couple’s eyes just looks different on printed photographs than they do on a screen. As a part of many of the Della Bella Photography packages, all the cherished moments from your wedding can be preserved in a custom wedding photo album.

Wedding photography packages include working closely with Zookbinders and the happy couple to create, print, and bind professional, high quality photo albums. You can see the entire album before it is sent to print, and you can choose the ideal layout to feature your favorite photos from your wedding to cherish forever.

To order a custom photo album as part of your wedding photography package, call Della Bella Photography at 203-558-0453 today.

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