The Riverview 2014 / Ct Wedding Photography

Brianne & Ryan047Wedding Brianne & Ryan055Wedding Brianne & Ryan058Wedding Brianne & Ryan080Wedding Brianne & Ryan145Wedding Brianne & Ryan154Wedding Brianne & Ryan161Wedding Brianne & Ryan163Wedding Brianne & Ryan175Wedding Brianne & Ryan179Wedding Brianne & Ryan189Wedding Brianne & Ryan236Wedding Brianne & Ryan258Wedding Brianne & Ryan266Wedding Brianne & Ryan276Wedding Brianne & Ryan282Wedding Brianne & Ryan284Wedding Brianne & Ryan295Wedding Brianne & Ryan302Wedding Brianne & Ryan315Wedding Brianne & Ryan324Wedding Brianne & Ryan334Wedding Brianne & Ryan403Wedding Brianne & Ryan420Wedding Brianne & Ryan491Wedding Chelsea&Kevin038Wedding Chelsea&Kevin055Wedding Chelsea&Kevin169Wedding Chelsea&Kevin180Wedding Chelsea&Kevin196Wedding Chelsea&Kevin211Wedding Chelsea&Kevin256Wedding Chelsea&Kevin260Wedding Chelsea&Kevin271Wedding Chelsea&Kevin273Wedding Chelsea&Kevin278Wedding Chelsea&Kevin291Wedding Chelsea&Kevin319Wedding Chelsea&Kevin325Wedding Chelsea&Kevin330Wedding Chelsea&Kevin347Wedding Chelsea&Kevin362Wedding Chelsea&Kevin382bwWedding Chelsea&Kevin436Wedding Chelsea&Kevin516Wedding Chelsea&Kevin642Wedding Chelsea&Kevin700Wedding Chelsea&Kevin716bwWedding Chelsea&Kevin736Wedding Chelsea&Kevin771Wedding Chelsea&Kevin806Wedding Chelsea&Kevin807Wedding Chelsea&Kevin814Wedding Chelsea&Kevin820Wedding Chelsea&Kevin915Wedding Chelsea&Kevin951Wedding Vanessa & Willie011Wedding Vanessa & Willie024Wedding Vanessa & Willie034Wedding Vanessa & Willie086Wedding Vanessa & Willie186Wedding Vanessa & Willie188Wedding Vanessa & Willie194Wedding Vanessa & Willie203Wedding Vanessa & Willie213Wedding Vanessa & Willie270Wedding Vanessa & Willie321Wedding Vanessa & Willie329Wedding Vanessa & Willie333Wedding Vanessa & Willie341Wedding Vanessa & Willie349Wedding Vanessa & Willie356Wedding Vanessa & Willie362Wedding Vanessa & Willie409Wedding Vanessa & Willie422Wedding Vanessa & Willie457Wedding Vanessa & Willie576Wedding Vanessa & Willie806aWedding webLacey & Matthew860Wedding webVanessa & Willie034Wedding

Waveny House / Connecticut Wedding Photography

Hi Todd,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful pictures! I find myself looking at them over and over again and reliving the day.
Thanks again for everything.

Amanda Young

Waveny House Amanda & Jared012Wedding Amanda & Jared019Wedding Amanda & Jared020Wedding Amanda & Jared089bw1Wedding Amanda & Jared093Wedding Amanda & Jared142Wedding Amanda & Jared163Wedding Amanda & Jared172Wedding Amanda & Jared242Wedding Amanda & Jared327Wedding Amanda & Jared334Wedding Amanda & Jared379Wedding Amanda & Jared382Wedding Amanda & Jared386Wedding Amanda & Jared394Wedding Amanda & Jared415Wedding Amanda & Jared458Wedding Amanda & Jared460Wedding webAmanda & Jared478Wedding Amanda & Jared468Wedding Amanda & Jared478Wedding Amanda & Jared516Wedding Amanda & Jared461Wedding Amanda & Jared522Wedding Amanda & Jared544Wedding Amanda & Jared551Wedding Amanda & Jared552Wedding Amanda & Jared591Wedding Amanda & Jared823Wedding webAmanda & Jared516Wedding

Milford Yacht Club / Connecticut Wedding Photography

While we’re waiting for the rest of the images, I just wanted to thank you for doing such an outstanding job with the logistics of the day as well as the quality of the pictures. Not only were my friends and family all impressed with the images you’ve shared thus far, but with how professional you were to work with in getting all the photos done in a timely manner and communicating with Scott. Even small details like making sure to get the flower girl pictures done first so they could go back inside and doing all the family portraits quickly and efficiently made a huge difference to us being able to relax and enjoy the day. I’ve been to several weddings where the photographers produced great shots but did not work well with the couple or venue manager, which affected the couple’s ability to enjoy the day.

I will be sure to refer you to anyone I know who might be looking for an engagement or wedding photographer in the future!

Thanks again and all the best,


Annarose & Chris009Wedding Annarose & Chris015Wedding Annarose & Chris030Wedding Annarose & Chris088Wedding Annarose & Chris111Wedding Annarose & Chris117Wedding Annarose & Chris123Wedding Annarose & Chris218Wedding Annarose & Chris219Wedding Annarose & Chris228Wedding Annarose & Chris245Wedding Annarose & Chris267Wedding Annarose & Chris270bwWedding Annarose & Chris281Wedding Annarose & Chris291Wedding Annarose & Chris306Wedding Annarose & Chris328Wedding Annarose & Chris336Wedding Annarose & Chris381Wedding Annarose & Chris387Wedding Annarose & Chris404Wedding Annarose & Chris407Wedding Annarose & Chris549Wedding webAnnarose & Chris075Wedding webAnnarose & Chris111Wedding webAnnarose & Chris228Wedding webAnnarose & Chris265Wedding webAnnarose & Chris354Wedding webAnnarose & Chris366Wedding webAnnarose & Chris373Wedding webAnnarose & Chris374Wedding webAnnarose & Chris378Wedding webAnnarose & Chris418Wedding webAnnarose & Chris469Wedding webAnnarose & Chris482Wedding webAnnarose & Chris549Wedding

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